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28 Apr 2016 8:11 PM | Elliott Chipper (Administrator)

A bunch of ‘firsts’ at Critics’ Training! 

A very successful Critics’ Training Course was held on 27 February and 12 March and represented a number of significant ‘firsts’ for Rostrum WA. It was the first Critics’ Training facilitated by Joanna Turbett as Director of Training and was attended by 14 participants from 10 clubs over the two days. Fmn Ruurd Speelman co-facilitated the training and volunteers from Training Council gave speeches and demonstrations for the participants to practise their critiques. At the conclusion of the course Gerry Derksen (4&8) and Matthew Park (2230) were assessed as ready for accreditation as Critics of Rostrum.

It was also the first time the new Coaches Development Program was used as the training manual. The CDP was compiled by Joanna and Ruurd and consists of a number of stages of intensive tuition and mentored practice by participants to prepare them for accreditation. The formal Critics’ Training Course is just Stage 1 and the fact that two participants were ready for accreditation at its conclusion is a great achievement for Gerry and Matthew, and a good demonstration of the considerable skills of Rostrum WA’s Training Council and the quality of the CDP.

Gerry Derksen’s critiquing skills were later assessed at Club 50 and he received his certificate on 20 April. Welcome to Training Council, Gerry, and we’ll see you around the clubs!

All the best to the participants who will now practise in their clubs, and thank you to the helpers Fmn Susan L’Herpiniere, Fmn Wayne Passmore, Greg Swensen, Paul Turbett, Fmn Terry Walker and Joanna Whitney.

From the President

I hope you are all enjoying your Rostrum year.

A lot has been happening behind the scenes over the past month. Negotiations continue with the Australian

Rostrum Council over the proposed new ARC constitution. It will be good to have it settled so the ARC can get on with more important matters, such as increasing membership Australia-wide and developing new materials.

The Dais Board has also been busy sorting out governance issues within Western Australia. There have been changes to financial arrangements and the books audited for 2015. A financial report will be presented at the Dais Annual General Meeting on Friday 29 April. Everyone is welcome to attend but as a minimum please urge your Dais representative(s) to attend. Dais is the glue that holds Rostrum together throughout the state, both transmitting information and hearing the concerns of clubs and members. Be part of it.

On a more light-hearted note, I hope as many members as possible will attend Club 15’s Comedy Night on 10 May. I certainly intend to be there. Club 15 have a long history of running enjoyable, innovative events.

It is early days but also start to think about the Speaker of the Year (SOY) competition for 2016. We had a good number of entries last year and the final and end of year dinner went well. We tried an impromptu competition as well but the general feeling was that while the speeches were enjoyable, two competitions was too much for one night. So this year the plan is to have more time for socialising with an item of entertainment along the way (as well as the final of the prepared speeches competition). The Lake Karrinyup Country Club has been booked for 19 November.

In coming issues of the Informer we will be telling you about some of our constitutions and regulations. It sounds a bit dry but the more everyone understands how we operate the less confusion will ensue.

Finally, our main priority as always is membership. Sometimes we are too successful for our own good – people join, learn new skills, gain promotion at work and are then too busy to attend Rostrum. So we need a constant supply of new blood. To touch on the sordid topic of money, our main income is membership fees, so the more members we have the more money in the coffers and the more we can give back to you, in training courses, subsidising the SOY, and so on. We have a good buffer of funds but we can’t get complacent.

Remember, the internet is our main recruiting tool. Join Facebook and like us! I hope to see many of you throughout the year.

Freeman Sue Hart, President, Rostrum WA 

New Law for all Incorporated Associations 

The Associations Incorporation Act 2015 will replace the current Associations Act on 1 July 2016, with implications for Rostrum WA. There are significant fines for associations which do not comply with the new regulations. 

Financial Reporting: The new law will introduce a three tiered system of financial reporting and accountability requirements based upon as association's revenue. 

Management: New eligibility requirements will be introduced which prohibits some persons from sitting on an association's management committee.

Privacy: Access to membership register will continue to be restricted to association members but the new law also limits how the information may be used. 

Review of Constitution (Rules): Importantly, all associations will be required to update their rules and either adopt the model rules, or adapt their own rules. Incorporated associations will have three years from 1 July 2016 to ensure that either their rules comply with the new law, or to adopt the new model rules. 

Dispute Resolution: The new law will require each association to include an internal dispute resolution process in its rules. Any unresolved disputes between members of an incorporated association, and incorporated associations and their members can be heard by the State Administrative Tribunal. 

Contact Address: Under the new law each association will be required to give the Commissioner details of its address, and also notify the Commissioner of a change of address within 28 days of it occurring. 

Annual General Meeting: The new law stipulates the timing of Annual General Meetings which in our case be held by 30 June each year. 

Further information can be obtained from:



Freeman Terry Walker, Club 2230

Program Directions


Program Directions are ideas for more imaginative speaking exercises to enable members to develop their communication skills whilst adding variety and interest to meetings.


It is common in Rostrum Clubs to assign a number of speakers the same topic for a single meeting. Just for a change, why not try having the same speech topic recurring at several meetings, with a different speaker tackling it each time? After a while, each speaker who has been assigned the topic will have a good idea how others have approached it. Putting less experienced speakers later in the list will give them the benefit of learning from the old hands.

Here are some topics which are suitable for this approach.

  1. My Secret Identity. The world doesn’t know that the speaker is actually living a secret second life. Ask him or her to tell the audience something about it.

  2. Deadly Sins. A wonderful selection of topics to keep the Club entertained for seven weeks: Anger, Sloth, Avarice, Gluttony, Envy’ Vanity and Lust.

  3. Favourite Song. ‘One of my favourite songs is...’ Who wrote it? Who sang it? What’s so special about the lyrics? The music? When was it first heard? What associations does it have? Why is it so special?

  4. My Greatest Invention. The invention should be imaginary; its application solves one of the common problems that plagues modern life. Ask the speaker to tell the audience why it’s needed, how it was discovered, and how it works.

  5. Secret. ‘A secret I’ve never told anyone before.’ No-one is forced to take this topic seriously. If the speaker doesn’t want to reveal anything genuine, then he or she is encouraged to use imagination!

From material originally developed by Rob Lock (49). 

Freeman Colin (Hector) Jackson

March 1927 – January 2016 

Rostrum members are saddened by the news of the passing of Freeman Colin Hector Jackson – affectionately known as ‘Hec’ – in January this year.

Hec joined Rostrum in Fremantle and in 1968 was instrumental in establishing Melville Rostrum Club No. 16. As a Foundation Member, Hec was actively involved in Club activities for many years.

Freeman Harold Luxton, also a Foundation Member and Honorary Life Member of Club 16, recalls Hec as a leader in the Club in many different roles, including as Critic and Dais Representative, who made a huge contribution to Rostrum for more than 30 years and assisted in the development of new clubs.

For outstanding service to Club 16, other Clubs and Rostrum WA in general, Hec was awarded Honorary Life Membership of Club 16. In 1985 he was elevated to the status of Freeman of Rostrum Australia, the highest honour awarded to a member of Rostrum.

Hec continued to be very active in Club 16 and Rostrum WA until his retirement in 1999.

It was a privilege to attend Hec Jackson’s funeral with Freeman Susan L’Herpiniere and Freeman Wayne Passmore, and to be given the opportunity on behalf of Rostrum WA to deliver a tribute to Hec for his dedication and services to Rostrum.

Freeman Hec Jackson will be remembered fondly by members of Rostrum.

Freeman Alan Ham, Chairman of Freemen’s Council 

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